Friday, July 14, 2017

Greens Venting 7/14/17

If you played golf on this gorgeous Friday in July, you may have noticed that many of the greens had aeration holes in them. We started to do a summer venting on our greens this morning. Venting is a solid tine aeration with a 1/4" tine. We do this throughout the summer to allow gas exchange to take place in the rootzone on the greens. In the high humidity and high temperatures that we get here in the St. Louis area, allowing the putting surfaces to breath makes a tremendous difference. Here is a good saying to help understand what this process means to the greens:

"You stop breathing, and I'll stop drinking water. Let's see who lasts longer."

Tommy running the aerator on the putting green first thing this morning.

An overhead view of the amount and how small the holes we put in the greens.