Friday, August 11, 2017

Irrigation Main Line Repair

Starting on Wednesday August 9th, we broke ground on repairing an 8 inch irrigation main that feeds holes 12 through 16 tee on the course. This main line is the only source of irrigation water to those holes, and was leaking terribly. We took advantage of the weather break we had in August to turn the irrigation system off to make this repair. With the help of Houska Inc., this repair was finished in 2 days and we backfilled the hole on August 10th. Below are a few images of the repair.
Our preliminary dig to locate the 8 inch main

The first exposed T junction by the fusion of PVC and poly line

Close up of the PVC and poly junction. This is where our leak was in the line.

Post fusion of new junction to go from poly line to PVC

Final product photo. Two large thrust blocks to prevent movement in the pipes and junctions.

Angle number two of the final product.

One of the other things that needed to be taken care of during this repair, was keeping our greens and tees watered while the irrigation system was down. With the cooperation of our clubhouse staff, we were able to use ice from one of the ice chests to put on our surfaces. Putting piles of ice down on the surfaces allows for a controlled release of water to the hotspots on these surfaces.

Drew spreading ice on hotspots on #9 gold tee

The amount of ice needed to keep hotspots hydrated

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